Project Description

One of my early, corporate-environment projects, this particular piece was a fun challenge. With FIS’ new branding, they wanted to elevate their marketing practices–including their leave-behinds. The challenge was that there was usually quite a bit of content that needed to go into these, and the marketing department wanted an alternative to some sort of multi-page booklet or brochure.

The goal was to create a smaller, unique item, with powerful imagery and a low throw-away value.

Enter me.

The final piece is a 5 X 5″ folding “brochure”. This inventive piece features high-gloss foil covers and elements throughout, with an image-focused design, and infographic style. The beauty of this leave-behind is that it can easily fit into a person’s pocket, has great texture, and is thick enough for someone to want to hold onto. In addition, where one side uses a “big text” infographic style, all of the necessary information fits on the back, before ending in a consumer-driving call-to-action.